Trainees Committee

The ultimate goal of the Trainees Committee (TC) is to establish an effective communication between all European Anaesthesiology Trainees (EAT), the Trainee Network (TN), in order to better adapt the ESA resources to the trainees´ needs.

In order to achieve this goal, the TC communication strategy includes 3 levels:

1) Between all the EAT and the TC through social networks, regardless of the ESA membership status. 

2) Between all the European Trainee committees or sections and the TC through the National Trainee Representatives. 

3) The TC and the ESA Leadership.

Therefore, the success of the TN depends on every each of us. The difference can only be made if we stay connected and dynamic.

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Diogo Sobreira Fernandes


Diogo Sobreira Fernandes           
Portugal - Chair and Past Council Trainee Representative      
Bernardo Matias 
Portugal- Co-opted member    
Liana Valeanu 
Romania - Past Elected Trainee Representative                       
Michela Rauseo
Italy - Past Council Trainee Representative
 Mihai Stefan 
Romania - Past Elected Trainee Representative
Gustavo Norte
Portugal - New Council Trainee Representative
 Anne Blank
Germany - New Council Trainee Representative
 Yasemin Dark 
Turkey - New Elected Trainee Representative
 Matija Majic
Croatia - New Elected Trainee Representative

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