ESA Research Grants

Who can apply

All applicants must be full ESA members (either active, affiliate, honorary, non-physician health professionals or retired) or if there are co-investigators, at least one of these investigators should be a full ESA member at the moment of application. For the Young Investigator start-up Grant, ESA Trainee and Medical Student members are also eligible.

Use of the Grant

Grants  are awarded to an academic institution or hospital, not to individuals or to departments.
The Grant  must be used only for purpose of the specific Grant. The Head of Department has to confirm in writing that the relevant resources of the department are made available to the applicant (see “letter of recommendation”). This is optional if the Head of Department is the Principal Applicant. In justified cases the Grant  might be transferred to another institution, if the Principal Applicant changes his/her position to another institution. Transfer of the Grant requires approval by the Research Committee. 

Review process

Applications are evaluated and prioritised by the ESA Research Committee in a triage round followed by a two-round review process. A final decision is reached after discussion between Research Committee members and approval by the ESA Board.

Winners are invited to receive Grants or Prizes at the following Euroanaesthesia Congress. 

Reports and publications

Grant winners must submit a final report within a period of 3 years from the award of a Grant. They must also acknowledge ESA support in all publications resulting from the Grant and present a brief summary of the research in the ESA Newsletter, once it has been formally published.

ESA Grants Application Form

How to Fill in the Application Form